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At Limeli8, We are the best Advertising agency that leads you the success. We’ve been around in the Advertising industry for years and get you the best, affordable business solutions, ideas, and plan to arise. Experienced team and our Upgraded Technology can improve both online and offline Brand Reputation building indeed. In this competitive world create a Business Environment is important, and our Latest Software, Business Automation Tools, Market Analysis Experts can be the key to your thrive. Our goal is to provide you the 360 Degree Advertising planning to expand your business concerning to the market requirements.

Limili8 is one of the best digital marketing agencies in Bhubaneswar. Our dream is to bestow your effort a competitive direction and solution. We are providing every possible Web Designing, Digital Marketing, Web Application Development, Print Media, Television Commercials, Social Media Engagement, and Graphics Designs services at an affordable price. Our foremost intention is to get a revolutionary growth to your trade. We have a team of well-behaved and experienced Event Management members; they can easily make your auspicious day memorable. We are here with you to guide you towards your incalculable achievements, and Limeli8 offers you the in quality service that generate your leads. Welcome to Limeli8


“The secret of getting the Revolution in your business is to concentrate on your Potentiality and Strategies. At Limli8 we believe to build the newly ordered competitive environment for the Next Generation business ideas. Our Mission is to provide Innovative and Effective Integrated Brand Marketing and Brand Building solutions. Public Relationship and Lead Generation is the prime intention for us.”


“At Limeli8, our Vision is very transparent and exclusive. Appropriate action leads the success. Vision with action can give thrive to your business. You need to Lead is the capacity to translate vision into reality. We visioned delivering result -oriented brand marketing programs and public relations campaigns. Therefore, you can enhance the clients’ awareness, generate sales, and foster their growth.”


“Opportunities need Creations.” At Limeli8 we provide the Success with Strategies. Your business needs to have the momentum to achieve profit. The more you succeed, the more you desire to plans. Here we’ll offer you some of the dynamic services to grow the trade significantly in the competitive market.”


“If you want to be victorious, set a goal that commands your Business to a direction, liberates your potentiality, and inspires your dreams. At Limeli8 we accomplish your business goals and provide you the platform to compete. “

Our Team

Limeli8 is one of the best advertising companies in Bhubaneswar. Our Team comprised years of experience to craft your Business. All of our distinctively talented individuals, who have a passion for connecting the world, through the best digital marketing strategies have some of best strategies for you. Organizations’ dedicated staffs bring industry expertise, fresh Media Purchasing plans, App Development ideas, and integrity to their work to achieve leads.

At Limeli8, we strive to create an environment where creativity, intentions are admired, and dedication is valued the most. Our team works diligently to provide the best quality of 360 Degree Advertising Plans on a consistent basis. We aim to break barriers and enhance the way the client considers us as the best SEO & Event Management Company in Bhubaneswar as well.

Why Choose Us

At Limeli8 we provide diverse platforms to incline the graph of your business. Our innovative concepts of best Digital Marketing, 360-degree Advertising plans, and Television Commercial programs have the potentiality to enhance your brand reputation effortlessly.

When you’re looking for the best digital marketing agency in Bhubaneswar Limeli8 can be the one-stop destination for you. The question is “ Why You Choose Us?” ,  has the appropriate and on-time solution, and  we have the the best-featured Digital Marketing/Event Management services in Bhubaneswar at an affordable price. 

Nowadays online visibility is one of the vital representative ways of Success in any field. It means more Customers generate more Business and more Profits. We give you the entire package what you need to connect with the consumers in your community who are looking for services.

We can create your online presence, launch online ads, manage your reputation, give Television Commercials, Print Media Facility, and get you found in top search engines and local as well. Limeli8 offers you the service that you can grow your business no matter what is it, and when is it? We are here to be your helping hand and give you some productive results that can create your brand in this competitive market. Welcome to the aura of Achievements. Welcome to Limeli8

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